Assassin's Creed III Fasting-Selling Game In Ubisoft History!
Ubisoft has announced that Assassin's Creed III is the fastest-selling game in the company's history, but how many units did it have to sell to take the record? Read on to find out!
GTA: San Andreas Has Hit PSN
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has hit the PlayStation Network! Check out the 20 minute introduction video!
League of Legends - Nidalee Champion Spotlight
New League of Legends video spotlight gives tips and tactics for Nidalee, the Bestial Huntress
Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 1.6 Ancient Hypergate Live
Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 1.6 is now live and adds new PvP Warzone: The Ancient Hypergate
The Walking Dead Video Game Has Hit Retail Outlets
Walking Dead fans rejoice! Get your Walking Dead fix thanks to Telltale Games releasing all five episodes of The Walking Dead's season one to retail outlets!
New Gears of War: Judgment Trailer
We get our first look at one of the bosses in Gears of War: Judgment, as well as new gameplay footage, thanks to the new VGA video that was released today!
New Assassin's Creed III "Tyranny of King Washington" Trailer Released
Ubisoft has released new details and trailer for Assassin's Creed III's upcoming "Tyranny of King Washington" DLC
Xbox 360 Remains Console King
Black Friday sales help keep Xbox 360 ahead of the pack in console war
LoL - Nami The Tidecaller Tips & Tactics
New League of Legends video offers tips and tactices for Nami, the Tidecaller, including coverage of her special abilities and how to use them effectively
Wii U Helps Nintendo Push Almost 2 Million Hardware Units In U.S.
Nintendo has released U.S. sales data for Black Friday 2012, as well as updates on all current hardware sales (Wii, DS, 3DS and Wii U).
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